fiber laser engraving

Modern-day industrial work has changed quite significantly because of the changing dynamics of technology and investments. There are world-class machines and tech which make the work super easy, which was considered very hard just a decade ago. Cutting high-quality metals is one such concern that has always been a prominent topic. We require metal in many production units these days and dealing with quality and standardized metal would often be difficult if you don’t possess the right tools to get the job done. Though, with the availability of Fiber laser engraving and cutting, working with tough metals has become a lot easier. Using a fiber laser machine is pretty skillful work but once you know the technique, it is one of the effective ways to get the job done. Though there are still a lot of questions that arise when it comes to the economical part of using the fiber laser machine.

Machine Plates Online has a very experienced team to conduct the projects of fiber laser and C02 laser engraving. Our team will be glad to help you understand the basics of it. We will further discuss the 2 major questions that come when we take the economical part of using fiber laser into consideration.

CO2 vs. Fiber Laser Cutting

If we talk about the current trend and domination of technology, it certainly has to be the fiber laser cutting which is used more dominantly. The tech has got a much better cutting speed which makes it pretty easy when working with metals like copper and brass. Though, with the use of C02 laser engraving and cutting, the smoothness in the cutting edges when working with even the thickest material makes it a wonderful choice. Though with the improvement in tech of fiber lasers, the recent gas delivery technique has shown incredible resilience and might catch up with co2 laser on this aspect too.

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Can Fiber Laser Cutting Handle Your Parts Tolerance?

There are a lot of factors that determine if you can hold the part with good tolerance. During the production factors such as the roughness, taper, and heat input along with the variability is some factor that plays a key role in determining the tolerance. If someone wishes to give a larger concentration on the precision of cutting, then the best choice would certainly be laser cutting. All one need is a good surface, low heat, and stable cutting to materialize everything perfectly.

Is Fiber Laser Cutting Viable For Your Next Project?

If you wish to choose a high-speed and reliable method for cutting your sheet with incredible precision, then certainly yes, fiber laser cutting would be an incredible choice to go for. The running and the capital cost of the process are different but fiber laser has certainly done great in terms of the total economical cost. If we consider one tech when it comes to metal cutting with which our future looks safe, then it certainly has to be fiber laser cutting. The optimism around it even enhances when we understand this tech is bound to get even better with time.

Machine Plates Online provides the best services for Fiber laser engraving and we would be glad to help you understand the details of this method and help you to make this in use.