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Legend Plates

Mark system components and identify machines and their function with aluminum, plastic or phenolic single- or multi-hole push button legend plates. Our legend plates are made to assemble to controls and panel lights. We laser cut and engrave legend plates and self-adhesive push button labels from your drawings, or we can custom design legend plates for your application. We offer phenolic plates & engraved phenolic labels if you need your phenolic labels to stand up to high temperatures, solvents, caustic environments, and humidity. Get free quotation for legend plate engraving. 

    • Romark LaserMax plates are available in most color combinations
    • Anodized aluminum legend plates available in red or gray
    • Phenolic material resists abrasion, friction, impact, and fatigue
    • We provides legend plate engraving & phenolic label engraver services
    • Manufacturer of Push Button Labels & Switch Panel Labels


    Before adhering your legend plates, wipe them down with denatured alcohol to ensure quality adhesion.  Most failures are due to contaminant between the adhesive and panel, rather than the adhesive failing.

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