Importance Of Workplace Safety Labels

Engraved labels for electrical panels

Whether your business is in the energy sector or the agricultural industry, the importance of security branding cannot be overstated. Safety leaflets provide important information to workers who work with hazardous materials and equipment, ensuring or legend plates that they can take the necessary precautions to avoid injury.

Types Of Safety Labels

In critical areas, safety tags play an important role. They tell workers what personal protective equipment to wear, tell workers about restrictions on equipment use, warn workers that arc flash can occur in high voltage areas, and warn workers on potential risks to these companies.

  1. Manufacturing

If you work in an industrial setting, it is important that your office equipment has the correct warning signs. Safety labels convey important information about manufacturing hazards, such as weight, horsepower and voltage.

  1. Energy

Energy production is one of the most complex systems in existence. It can also be dangerous, especially if you don’t have proper warning signs on your equipment. Safety signs contain important signal words that help users understand what personal protective equipment they need and what precautions they should take when using the machine.

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  1. Construction

Warning signs help prevent injuries by telling your workers what precautions to take while on the construction site. You can use these safety signs to inform workers that hard hats are required in certain areas, ensure your business is OSHA compliant, and educate workers about the dangers of working on sites with scaffolding.

  1. Agriculture

In the farm industry, warning signs are important. These safety sheets can help your business protect workers from potential hazards, comply with the latest OSHA regulations, and ensure workers avoid contact with harmful chemicals.

Machine Plates Online creates custom security signs for businesses of all sizes. We can also provide your business with decals, vinyl labels, metal embossed labels or Engraved labels for electrical panels and other products to help communicate important information about the products and equipment you use in your business. Our customized products are manufactured according to ISO standards, guaranteeing a high level of quality. To learn more about our products or to order, call Machine Plates Online at +1-262-369-5800.

Is Fiber Laser Cutting The Proper Solution For Your Application?

fiber laser engraving

Modern-day industrial work has changed quite significantly because of the changing dynamics of technology and investments. There are world-class machines and tech which make the work super easy, which was considered very hard just a decade ago. Cutting high-quality metals is one such concern that has always been a prominent topic. We require metal in many production units these days and dealing with quality and standardized metal would often be difficult if you don’t possess the right tools to get the job done. Though, with the availability of Fiber laser engraving and cutting, working with tough metals has become a lot easier. Using a fiber laser machine is pretty skillful work but once you know the technique, it is one of the effective ways to get the job done. Though there are still a lot of questions that arise when it comes to the economical part of using the fiber laser machine.

Machine Plates Online has a very experienced team to conduct the projects of fiber laser and C02 laser engraving. Our team will be glad to help you understand the basics of it. We will further discuss the 2 major questions that come when we take the economical part of using fiber laser into consideration.

CO2 vs. Fiber Laser Cutting

If we talk about the current trend and domination of technology, it certainly has to be the fiber laser cutting which is used more dominantly. The tech has got a much better cutting speed which makes it pretty easy when working with metals like copper and brass. Though, with the use of C02 laser engraving and cutting, the smoothness in the cutting edges when working with even the thickest material makes it a wonderful choice. Though with the improvement in tech of fiber lasers, the recent gas delivery technique has shown incredible resilience and might catch up with co2 laser on this aspect too.

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Can Fiber Laser Cutting Handle Your Parts Tolerance?

There are a lot of factors that determine if you can hold the part with good tolerance. During the production factors such as the roughness, taper, and heat input along with the variability is some factor that plays a key role in determining the tolerance. If someone wishes to give a larger concentration on the precision of cutting, then the best choice would certainly be laser cutting. All one need is a good surface, low heat, and stable cutting to materialize everything perfectly.

Is Fiber Laser Cutting Viable For Your Next Project?

If you wish to choose a high-speed and reliable method for cutting your sheet with incredible precision, then certainly yes, fiber laser cutting would be an incredible choice to go for. The running and the capital cost of the process are different but fiber laser has certainly done great in terms of the total economical cost. If we consider one tech when it comes to metal cutting with which our future looks safe, then it certainly has to be fiber laser cutting. The optimism around it even enhances when we understand this tech is bound to get even better with time.

Machine Plates Online provides the best services for Fiber laser engraving and we would be glad to help you understand the details of this method and help you to make this in use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Etched Metal Plates for Business

label engravers

There are a lot of things done to flourish a business or bring about some impact changes. It can be bringing up a new business model, a change in marketing tactics, or reforming the critical manufacturing process. The idea is to ensure good results. There is also a lot of work that goes into building up a certain customer perception about their brand or product. The name plates or etched metal plates describing the brand are also one of those things which make a lasting impression on a customer. Big brands are often pretty specific about their name plates or metal tag which is seen as the identity of that particular brand. The quality and the style of that tag are taken special care to ensure they are well up to the standard. There are a few different types of plates available in the market which includes digitally printed plate, engraved plates, and etched metal plates.

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If there is one plate that is largely used in particular the etched metal plates. The etching process includes considerable use of acids which are pretty essential to get those marks on the plate right. The etched plates have become popular and thus are most commonly used. We will further discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of the etched metal plates.


  • It’s been a long since different methods are being used on these metal plates. It has come out pretty clear that etched plates give out a better design in comparison with the engraving method.
  •  If you wish to have a subtle look at the plates, then it could only be achieved by this method.
  • The fact that etched plating gives a sense of more personal touch rather than giving a feeling of a factory-made product is what makes this process special.
  • Edges are not sharp when this process is used therefore it becomes really easy to clean the plate.
  • The reasonable cost of the etched metal plates along with several incredible qualities makes it the undisputed leader in the market.
  • The plates cannot be altered in any way because they will certainly lose their carving and shape if anyone tries to forcibly make a change.


  • One of the major disadvantages of the process of chemical etching is the fact that the process could only be done on glass and metal. This leads to the options of getting the carving done on wood or plastic closed. It is mainly because the acid used in the process won’t work on plastic and would potentially leak when used on wood.
  • Another con of an etched plate is that it gets dirty quite often. Though it is easy to clean but quickly catching dirt means being cleaned more often. No one would like to give up their crucial time on cleaning.

So these were the advantage and the disadvantages of etched metal plates. We at machine plate online largely deal with label engravers and we would be happy to provide anyone with more information about these interesting products.

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Tips When Choosing an Industrial Nameplate Manufacturer

Industrial Nameplate Manufacturers

You might have seen a variety of metal nameplates on different equipment, products, and automobiles. Nameplates are good identification symbols that include some information about the product or item. The nameplates may vary in sizes, designs, shapes, thickness, and metal types whichever you can choose to develop a durable nameplate for your equipment. In the stores, you will see metal nameplates made of different metals like stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, and more. So, you can choose nameplates made of any strong material and design them well to look attractive. You can add appealing facts to nameplates by polishing, coloring, and designing as well. For custom design nameplates, you will have to contact the leading name plate manufacturers in the industry. You will find some reputed metal nameplates and developers in the United States. They can develop customized nameplates of all materials as per your industry’s equipment needs. But the key to success is to choose the right nameplates manufacturers in the industry.

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Do you need quality industrial nameplates for equipment or machines? If yes, you should approach the best industrial nameplates manufacturers in the United States. The reputed nameplate manufacturer can develop customized nameplates for your industrial machines. The manufacturers can develop industrial nameplates using different materials like stainless steel, brass, copper, nickel-silver, and more. Also, they provide an attractive look, size, and shape to nameplates to look beautiful. For well-developed industrial nameplates, you should contact authorized nameplates manufacturers. 

Here are some key points to consider before hiring industrial metal nameplates manufacturer for your company:

1. Experience and Knowledge

You should choose the industrial nameplates manufacturer having extensive knowledge and experience in the same domain. Make sure, the manufacturer has the skills to develop durable nameplates for different industries. For betterment, you can check samples of industrial nameplates made by the manufacturer for previous clients. Hence, it will give you some idea about the knowledge and experience level of the maker for developing nameplates for industries.

2. Nameplates of Different Industries

You should hire a nameplate manufacturer, who has the skills to develop custom nameplates for different industries like automobiles, corporate, warehouses, electrical, and more. So, whichever industry nameplates you need can deliver by the manufacturer with ease. 

3. Customized Nameplates

A skilled nameplate manufacturer can develop nameplates, tags, and labels for any industry as per clients’ business needs. Make sure, your nameplate makers can develop custom design nameplates for all industries. The manufacturer should have the skills to build industrial nameplates in custom shapes, designs, and styles that suit the need of industries. 

4. Nameplates for a Variety of Equipment

You should deal with nameplate manufacturers, who can develop nameplates for different types of equipment like lockers, cabinets, industrial machines, electrical equipment, and more. For instance, if you need locker nameplates for your industry, you should contact top nameplates makers in the United States. They can develop custom locker nameplates as per custom design, size, and shape as well. 

Thus, you need to check all the above important things about nameplate manufacture before getting its services. If you are looking for the best nameplate manufacturer in the United States, you may contact “Machine Plates Online”. It is one of the reputed nameplates and label suppliers and manufacturers in the country. For details, visit the website

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4 Reasons to Choose Laser Cut Metal Signs for Your Application

Different Kinds of Labels and Stickers Businesses Use

engraved phenolic labels

Many companies use a variety of labels and stickers for advertising or identification of their products. Thus, it becomes easier for users to check the product type by seeing details printed on the label or stickers on the item. The use of stickers and labels is a traditional method of advertising products and makes them easy to access as well as manage. You will find a wide variety of labels and stickers made of different materials like plastic, paper, leather, phenolic labels, and more. Hence, it is necessary to choose labels or stickers of durable material that remain stable and do get affected by chemicals, moisture, and other weather conditions. Also, it is evident to check with printing colors use to write details on labels or stickers about products for identification. Many labels and stickers include adhesives to stick on the items. You should use quality adhesives for stickers and labels that give long-lasting strength.

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You will find a variety of printed labels and stickers including texts for warning, safety or prevention, branding, product details, and more. So, you can print anything on labels and stickers for identification and adequate use of products or machines.

In the stores, you will find different kinds of labels and stickers such as follows:

1. Phenolic Labels

These types of labels get prepared using phenolic material, which is a kind of plastic. The Phenolic labels have a wide application in the electrical industry. These labels use for labeling electrical appliances, nameplates, electrical boards, and panels for identification. The labels made of phenolic material have good weather-resistant properties and remain stable for the long term.

You will also find engraved phenolic labels in the market. These labels are also good alternatives for the identification of products and can use for nameplates, warning plates, and instructional legends.

2. Safety and Warning Stickers and Labels

These types of labels or stickers have application in industries as instructional material for dangerous areas and machines which have risks. By using safety or warning stickers or labels, you can warn users about the safety or risks of items. For instance, you can use safety and warning stickers or labels in the electrical industry for instructions on electrical hazards with electrical boards, panels, and appliances.

3. Identification of Labels or Stickers

You can also give identity to the products by pasting identification labels or stickers that include information about items. It will also help you to manage products’ inventory and use them right for business needs. For instance, you can use phenolic labels, which are a perfect use for nameplates of electrical boards and panels. Such labels or stickers use for identifying the types and details of electrical components included in them.

4. Branding Purpose

Many companies do use stylish or colorful labels and stickers for the branding needs of their products and services. They do paste the labels or stickers on their products that include details of items along with the brand logo.

Thus, above are some common types of labels and stickers, which have applications in a variety of industries and companies for the identification of products and their details. If you are looking for custom engraved phenolic labels or stickers for business needs, you may contact Machine Plates Online, which is the right stop to get a different type of labels, tags, and stickers for different industries and products. For more details, visit the website

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Metal for Your Metal Tags

What is Dye Sublimation Printing

customized dye sublimation printing services

Dye sublimation printing is a form of digital printing, which is effective to print things with premium quality. This printing uses the pressure and heat transfer method to apply an image on metals, ceramics, fabrics, and hard items. To print the image, there is a special sublimation ink used. This sublimation ink converts from solid to gas to print images. The image printed using sublimation ink does not fade and gives longer stability. You will also find dye-sublimation printers in the market. These printers give quality printing results for a variety of items fabrics, ceramic products, banners, posters, pillows, coffee mugs, and so on. Hence, this dye sublimation printing method gives you the flexibility to print images on different items with quality.

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For custom sublimation printing on varied products, you need to call the best dye sublimation printing service providers. At the best printing service companies, you will get customized printing for varied products. Many companies do take dye sublimation printing services for printing on banners, posters, cards, and advertisement attributes. Many companies do use sublimation printing for printing logos or names on their products and gifts like key chains, coffee mugs, cutlery sets, t-shirts, umbrellas, and more. Hence, it becomes easier for companies to do promotion of their products and print beautiful images on their products to enhance their look.

You can also prefer dye sublimation printing services for printing images on fabrics, metal sheets, pamphlets, glasses, phone cases, and more. The quality of prints done through sublimation ink remains stable for the long term. So, it is necessary to choose the right dye sublimation printing service for your printing project. You may also use sublimation printers for printing work at a small level. You can do simple printing on small size items like cards, papers, plastic, fabric, pens, etc., using dye-sublimation printers.

On the other end, you can use inkjet printers to get quality digital printing results. Inkjet printers are quite more expensive than sublimation printers. Hence, it is good to choose sublimation printers for home or office use to get quality printing results at affordable prices. For digital printing on the bulk quantity of products for business need, you need to contact the best dye sublimation printing service agencies in the U.S.

For instance, you can contact Machine Plates Online, which is a trusted printing service company in the United States. The company provides a variety of printing services for labels, panels, sheets, etc., using different inks and printing tools. You will also get customized dye sublimation printing services from experts at the company. For more details, visit the website

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Common Metal Options for ID Plates

Why You Should Label Your Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel

Every electrical industry has varied electrical panels and machines that have uses in different electrical works. It is necessary to check that every electrical panel is safe to use and labeled to identify its right application. Thus, it will help the workers to do adequate use of electrical equipment in the industry by reading details written on its label. Here comes the fact of the importance of electrical panel labels that comprises complete information about the electrical product and its uses.

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What is an Electrical Panel Label?

Using labels for electrical panels will work as an identification mark to clarify their type, use, electrical signals, and other relevant information about them. In an electrical panel, there are many components attached such as switches, buttons, plugs, circuits, etc. These components regulate the electrical distribution of the attached appliances to the panel. Hence, it is necessary to recognize the type of each component on the panel before using them. For the right use of each component on the panel, you need to label them with the right details too.

Other Facts about Electrical Panel Labels

To make the right use of electrical panels and machines in the industry, you should label them with the details such as brand, material type, uses, and so on. By having such details on labels, the users will recognize the application of panels and their components. Thus, it will help them to keep safe while working with panels. You will get several benefits from choosing the right engraved labels for electrical panels. Those benefits are as follows:

Safety: By pasting labels on electrical machines and panels, you can restrict wrong uses of them to some extent. The labels on electrical panels may include varied texts related to warning symbols, safety tips, and other Dos and Don’ts to ensure safety while using them.

Easy Identification: Having engraved labels for electrical panels will make it easier for users to identify each component on the electrical panel and its explicit uses too. An electrical panel may include different components that make easy recognition of their type, material, brand name, and more. Thus, it will make users aware of the right use of each component and replace it whenever needed.

Legal Fact: As per legal norms of the Electrical Safety Authority in the U.S., every electrical industry has to label each component on the panel. Thus, it will maintain the safety of the public and the adequate use of electrical parts or equipment in the industries.

Thus, you can consider all the above facts that will woo you to use the right labels for electrical panels in industries. If you want customized labels for panels, you may contact Machine Plates online” company in the United States. The company can provide you customized electrical panel legend and labels for electrical panels in different materials like steel, aluminium, Iron, Stainless steel, etc., as per client’s needs. For more details, visit the our website

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How to Choose a Metal Nameplate

Metal Nameplate

Big nameplate manufacturers exclaim from their experiences how a metal nameplate can be of varied quality all thanks to its applications. Metals are often of different quality and the nameplate can be made of different thicknesses depending on how tough you want your product to be. You have to choose every sub-product rightly to make the final product perfect. There are different metals used widely for making the nameplates which include stainless steel, aluminum brass, zinc, etc.

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Let us understand the key features of each of these metals and understand which of these falls perfect for your application.

The Metals


  • It has great properties of being a good chemical and solvent resistant.
  • When the aluminum is anodized or lacquered, it acts as a great resistance against oxidation and abrasion.
  • The aluminum nameplates are also known as a good decorative product.

Stainless Steel

  • The stainless steel nameplate retains the sheen.
  • One can easily use them in harsh conditions and they will do fine.
  • Great resistance from any kind of chemical, corrosion, or abrasion.

Print and Decorative Processes

There are a lot of printing and decorative options to choose from apart from choosing the material for the nameplate. Let us try to know a few of these important processes being used to make the nameplates.

UV Cured printing

UV Cured printing ( Ultra violet curing ) is a green technology that uses a photomechanical process to instantly dry ink after printing. UV Printing refers to a commercial printing process that uses ultraviolet curing technology. Also known as Ultraviolet Printing

Laser Marking

If the nameplate has to be bar-coded or has to go through the process of serializing it, the process of laser marking is used, where an amplified light is used to do the same.

Chemical Etching

It could be defined as a process where the surface is removed with the help of chemicals and a design or a text is created on the surface.

We at Machine Plates Online are one of the best nameplate manufacturers and would love to help you get your desired metal nameplate.

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How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Laser Engraving

Many industrial machines include laser engraved metal plates, nameplates, and labels. These items have built up of non-conductive material that is resistant to electricity, fire, and heat. Nowadays, you will see the phenolic engraved metal id plates and labels are being utilized for identifying details of industrial machines, electric panels, and boards too. Phenolic engraved plates or nameplates are durable and are resistant to electricity, chemicals, heat, and abrasion too. To engrave phenolic labels or nameplates, a laser engraving machine needs to use. The equipment engraves or etches marks on the plates through the vaporization process that enables to etch deep marks on the surface. This is a safe and faster process that gives good outcomes in form of visible designs or marks on the surface.

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Process to Make Metal Name Plates?

metal name plates

Metal nameplates are a form of labeling commonly uses in commercial, industrial and aesthetic applications. Metal name plates are being used more and more widely in various industries like electronic products, home appliances, machinery and civilian products. Metal signs are mainly made of copper, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, and lead-tin alloy through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel, and baking varnish technologies.

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