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Etched Plates

Etched metal plates combine chemical engraving with computer-generated graphics to create custom metal etched plates for commercial applications. We use a resist to remove targeted areas of a metal in our etching process then fill in the etched areas with colored paints or enamels. We can even leave the etched area alone for a more natural look. Etched plates and Label Engraversare durable and maintain a consistent look and feel. You can still see the image on an etched plate, even if the color fades.

  • Etching provides a multi-dimensional, textured, and detailed finish
  • Enhance etched plates with color fills, frosting or hand-rubbed antiqued finishes
  • Etch custom designs on aluminum, brass, copper, nickel silver, or stainless steel plates
  • Etched plates have a 10-piece minimum

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Chemical etching of plates provides one of the most durable nameplates.  Recessed graphics and text are enamel filled resulting in plates that can withstand the harshest conditions.

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