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Locker Plates

Locker Name Plates and Number Plates: Printed and self adhesive engraved name plates for lockers. We supply OEM locker plates to manufacturers and replacement plates for existing lockers. We print and engrave locker plates in any shape, size and color. Also, we provide custom engraved nameplates, locker number plates & locker name plates for lockers and seat number tags. 

  • Custom printing and engraving to your exact specs
  • Customize to your brand with your logo, numbers, and custom text 
  • Magnetic, self-adhesive, bracket style or holes for mounting locker plates available 
  • Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Seat number tags available
  • Locker Name plates and Tags for Lockers.
  • Self adhesive engraved name plates available in a large range of sizes, styles and colors.


“Machine Plates Online” have adhesive that will permanently adhere your locker tags to most lockers. No need to re-rivet plates on.

Locker Name Plates and Number Plates for Your Requirements

We design locker name plates and locker number plates at very adorable cost. Create your own customized locker markers, locker decals and stickers as per your requirements. Protect your locker room with our custom locker name plates or number plates . Call Machine Plates Onlineat 262-369-5800 or email us at


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