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Durablack Plates


When custom engraved plates must withstand rugged conditions, only Durablack will do. CO2 laser markings on black anodized aluminum fade after long exposure to outdoor environments, but Durablack does not. This multi-layer plate starts with an anodized aluminum plate that acts as a substrate for the patented laser-imaged layer. The matte surface combined with the white anodized layer combine to make these plates both readable and extremely durable.


Durablack is available in several thicknesses. Engraving imaging into the material of the plate eliminates the need for a second protective coat, saving time, labor, and materials. We can use Durablack on curved or flat surfaces and for engraved plates that attach with adhesive, rivets, or screws.

  • Durable enough for outdoor, marine, corrosive, or high-heat environments
  • Easy to read non-reflective matte black finish   
  • Durable, precise image suitable for barcodes or text 
  • Withstands sun damage, extreme temperature, abrasion, and chemical exposure
  • Conforms to governmental and military standards 
  • Suitable for labeling equipment used in combat and other harsh environments
  • Meets MIL-STD130N, MIL-STD-15024F Type L and A-A-50271
  • Conforms to military Item UID criteria for barcodes
  • We can do marking on site


If you need plates with scannable barcodes or QR codes, Durablack’s matte finish with white graphics is the best choice.

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