Phenolic Plates , Phenolic Labels and It’s Application?

Phenolic is a non-conductive material (Lamicoid) that is good to use for developing phenolic labels and tags for the electrical industry. The phenolic labels have good characteristics such as resistance to abrasion, heat, and chemicals. Also, phenolic plates work as electrical insulators. Moreover, such labels are durable and have long-lasting strength too.

Applications of Phenolic Plates, Labels and Tags

The Phenolic plates, labels and phenolic engraving have great application in the electrical industry due to their properties like electrical insulation, heat resistance, and chemical resistant too. Due to such reasons, Engraved labels have found perfect options to use for developing electrical items such as:

  1. Switch Plates: In case, you need a label for the electrical switch, you should prefer phenolic plates switches. These are reliable and safe options for electrical switching needs in industries. The phenolic switches are durable and have low maintenance too.
  2. Electric Panels: : Due to electrical insulation properties, phenolic tags or labels are also considered for electric panels. Thus it is easy for electrical professionals to get easy application and recognition of electrical panels in the industry.
  3. Machine Signage: In most industries, phenolic plastics have an application to build machine signage due to their vibration resistance. Due to such reasons, many electrical machines do include phenolic tags to reduce their excessive vibration.
  4. Maritime Signage: Phenolic Plates and labels are also perfect to use due to their corrosion-resistant property. On contrary, the metal labels are imperfect for this reason. The phenolic tags are water-resistant that make them ideal to use for developing signage for water boat and swimming sites. Also, these labels have good application in the marine industry.

Thus, above are some vital benefits and applications of Engraved labels in electrical, marine, and other industries. So, if you want to keep electrical safety in your industry, you should use quality phenolic plates and labels and phenolic label engraver tags of top brands and manufacturers.